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- Make exercise more fun with your partner
- high intensity cardio training for the men
- healthy meals to replace your fave junk foods
- the reason you should stick to your current training
- bulking phase you need to know

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 Make exercise more fun with your partner Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Having fun with doing the muscle with your partner will certainly look more tender and fun, because not only intimacy that increasingly fused but the fitness will still be maintained. This time Dwi and Eva will share tips on sports activities related to the month of affection or a more popular with the term Valentine with the theme 'exercise couple'.

As an additional tip, do it in every movement twice or two sets, before you move on to the next movement.
Couples' Lunge and Reverse Lunge

    Start by facing your partner while holding hands with each other with a slightly higher hand position.
    For the ladies take the lunge forward with his left leg, while the man did lunge upside down with his right foot. Take turns with other legs with each repetition. Keep your body together to keep it straight during both movements, and do not let your opponent's knees touch the floor. Perform 12 reps on each leg.
    Support your partner while keeping your hands and arms high by giving them affectionate words as an entertainer.

Front Couples' Squat

    Still the same as the previous position, but the position of the foot should be shoulder width apart.
    Lower the lower body by bending at the hips and knees for a parallel squat. It's important to keep your butt in the exit position while lowering - almost as if you're going to sit in a chair.
    Rise back to the starting position and repeat. Do 15 reps. Squats work on the quads, hamstrings and buttocks.

Back Couples' Squat

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    Squat movement for this time is not much different from the previous squat movements, but the location that differentiates it is your different body position. This time you and your spouse back to back with the position of the back together, then the position of both hands stretched straight ahead.
    Lower the butt first with the position of the legs bend like you will squat. Set the balance through the pedestal of the back and both hands. Gently lower so that the contours of both thigh and calf muscles can be more beneficial. Then return it back like the original position. Do as many as 15 reps ..

Chest Press

    Position your palms facing each other, push your arms towards your partner's shoulders staggered, until one leg of them is behind and one foot in front. Bring your arms up to your chest and place the lower part of your hand against your partner's hand.
    Now you each have to slowly push right and left as each partner gives you only a little resistance. This exercise is good for the shoulders, chest, and arms. Perform movement for 40 seconds. A direct look on your partner's eyes while doing the exercises and keep the body for always facing forward and not turning your upper body.

Shoulder Press

    Start with one of you on your knees. Bend your arms at the elbows with a 90 degree angle and clenched hands like punching. The partner will stand behind to give a little resistance by pressing the arm down
    While you are kneeling pressed upward with the palm of the hand. The purpose of the person on his knees is to do the shoulder press full of resistance. Perform 10 reps, then switch.

Interlocking Bicycle Maneuver

    Still in the same position as in the Interlocking Crunches movement. But place your fingertips on both sides of the head, then do the elbow opposite the opposite knee crunches.
    Lower to the mat and do the same movement on the other side. Do 15 reps on each side.

Couples Leg Raises.

    Still stay with ABS exercise to trim the fat on your stomach, by positioning you or your spouse on the mattress then both holding both your partner's legs. Bend your legs straight so that it forms the angle of the elbow if it appears from the side.
    Lower your legs slowly and feel the contraction on your lower abs. Try not to touch your two feet on the mat, if it happens you are declared to cheating, it would be nice if the benefits of contraction is to position the legs remain floating when lowered. Do as many as 15reps.

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 high intensity cardio training for the men Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Exercise with high intensity and short duration for the last few years became popular among fitness lovers. One form of high intensity training methods that have been tested for effectiveness is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). The HIIT method is a method of high intensity interspersed with a short interval of rest. But lately, this method is much avoided, because the calories burned is not derived from body fat but derived from the sugar content in the muscle (muscle glycogen).

This is true, but unfortunately those who claim to be right are missing an important point. The process of burning fat commonly known as lipolysis. Lipolysis occurs during exercise when the amount of energy expenditure exceeds the intake of calories in the body. That's not the condition of lipolysis we experience, especially when preparing for an increasingly close championship. The most important thing is when the cardio exercise there is the number of calories burned. No need to excess, just enough, the important levels of calories in the body increasingly thinning. This can be achieved simply by doing high intensity cardio in a short.

Although carbohydrates stored in the form of muscle glycogen are the main source of fuel while performing HIIT, still much more fat is used than muscle glycoses during high-intensity exercise. A case study proves that fat under the skin burns more if using HIIT rather than LISS. The reason is because with HIIT lipid performance is greatly improved even after exercise. This means, even though the exercise activity has ended, the body will continue to burn fat. So we can not only burn calories during exercise alone, but our metabolism will also get a stimulus (stimulation) to burn fat after exercise. This is definitely an added bonus.

The concern of many fitness actors about HIIT is the breakdown of mass amino acids to serve as energy sources due to the effects of high intensity exercise. Then many people will be surprised to learn that, if a HIIT exercise session can be kept short, it can actually help maintain or even build muscle. Although not many have been able to prove it, but it is evident that any type of intensity of cardio exercise will force the body to release natural growth hormones naturally!

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CardioGrowth hormone (GH) will come out by itself at a certain aerobic level (cardio exercise) of VO2 Max (maximal lung absorbing ability of oxygen). (5) Therefore, the higher the level of cardio intensity performed, then the growth hormone levels generated will also be higher. But in doing the high intensity must be with a short duration. Certainly also must be coupled with adequate nutrition and mapping the appropriate rest and quality.

6) GH is not the only hormone that arises from the effects of HIIT. Testosterone levels can also be increased and more optimal performance if we use HIIT as the principle of exercise. During or even after aerobic exercise with high intensity, testosterone levels are believed to be elevated and will remain high for some time until recovery time. With the condition we are not excessive, or can be said use HIIT in a short period. Because if HIIT is done prolonged, then an increase in the amount of testosterone in the beginning will decrease as much as the amount of increase, or even to the lowest level.

(7) That's the reason why it's important to keep the intensity of the per-session exercise so as not to overdo it, just short. The challenge in HIIT is how to manage the number of practice sessions so as not to be counterproductive or to fit expectations. REPS Magz reiterates that, if the HIIT exercise session is too frequent, then the basic testosterone levels in the body will decrease and will cause damage to the amino acid content in the body gradually increasing. This new method will work well if done within a few weeks in a small portion.

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 healthy meals to replace your fave junk foods Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Who does not love Junk food, almost everyone from kids to adults, all tempted with this fast food.

Fast food does offer a very tempting menu. Taste delicious and practical make people like junk food menu. For those of you who like Junk Food or fast food, may feel anxious about your health. Because so many are reported to be the negative effects of this fast food. Naturally, because fast food is arguably suited to the current urban style who want instant paced.

If healthy food is still difficult to meet, you need not worry, Because Junk Food is not to be avoided, occasionally you can still enjoy it. Well so you do not feel too guilty for choosing Junk Food menu, there are some tips you can try to get around to junk food remains so healthy and delicious. Here's how to make fast food healthy and low in fat
1. Better grilled and grilled chicken.

Avoid ordering fried foods, because it is synonymous with high fat and calories and the amount of oil that much. Choose a baked menu, such as a grilled chicken sandwich, without mayo, cheese and bacon. In addition to protein also remain healthy.
2. No cream toping.


If you order a hamburger or sandwich, try to avoid toppings from fast food such as reduced cheese, ketchup, mayonise and mustard and butter. Because this type of product will add extra calories. Choose additional toppings such as eggs, lettuce or other green vegetables and tomatoes to increase nutritional needs of the body.
3. Salad

Most of the average fast food restaurants offer menus other than burgers and fries. There is a menu option with mixed vegetables that can be a healthy choice. For example garden salad, this menu you can choose because made fresh.
4. Compared cream choose yoghurt.

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Cream is very rich in calories and bad cholesterol (LDL). Yoghurt is a healthier and more appropriate cream substitute. Because yogurt can help make the immune system become stronger. The prevalence of bacterial and yeast infections decreases when our immune system is strong.
5. Grain products

Many ready-to-eat restaurants now offer processed products from seeds. For example wheat bread, or wheat muffins. This could be one of the right choices as a healthy food.

Dessert Chocolate Milk Shake.

Milk shakes are very high in calories and are known to increase the sugar content in the blood. Avoid adding artificial sweeteners such as mango syrup and syrup rose. Melt dark chocolate and prepare chocolate milk shakes because they are low in calories. Because dark chocolate can help you lose weight. Or if you're used to always messaging menus like brownies or ice cream? To avoid the number of unnecessary calories, try to choose ice cream with small portions or plain brownies with additional slices of fresh fruit.

Well now you do not have to worry anymore about the bad effects of Junk Food, because with what you have chosen above all is your effort to still be able to enjoy healthy fast food. But keep in mind the limit also use and any consumption if excessive can also make unhealthy

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 the reason you should stick to your current training Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In the past many people who suggested to lose weight one of them by spending about 80% portion of exercise with cardio. The suggestion is a form of propaganda from cardiovascular exercise equipment manufacturers in pursuit of profit. So, if we want to lower or eliminate fat, try to include resistance training schedule into the exercise program.

Resistance training can include weight training either using iron as a weight or making weight as exercise material. The advantage of endurance exercise is that it can increase the metabolic rate, which means we are indirectly burning fat. Endurance or resistance training will result in much greater fat burning than doing cardio exercises for 30-60 minutes.

The most important thing to get the benefits we have to do it much harder and harder. Thus the benefits of the resistance training can be enjoyed. So of course dumbbell pinky that weighs only 2.5 kg it should not be our toys in the gym.
4) Too Often Changing Exercise Program And Not Focusing On Development Exercise

Do we often start exercise routines and then leave them only after two kinds of movements, because finding good results and very fast with a more promising progression after browsing the internet? If you apply part of a program and then replace it every month, try pausing and looking at yourself. How much progress you have made. The possibility of such changes is very small to be seen even not at all.

It is important that we should try an exercise program for four weeks before digging it to get a better result. In fact, Arnav Sarkar suggests that if a program works well or in other words it works, then do not rush to change it to another program even if we have done it for three months.

Progression is what we need to focus on, not even focus on finding a perfect program that promises quick results.

alternatively try anabolic cooking review through Health Blog And Reviews

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 bulking phase you need to know Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Bulking is a term used for the process of weight gain so as to achieve weight that exceeds one's ideal body weight.

Usually bulking is done to catch up with the muscle mass that is owned, or the desire to compete in a higher class. This does not mean that a person can eat anything he wants, because the bulking phase means the addition of muscle mass not followed by the addition of excess fat. Wrong meal, then the stakes are the quality of the muscle when on stage. As to whether the food is good at bulking time?

In the bulking phase, one needs to have a special diet. This means that each individual has its own bulking mechanism. Then what is worth noting is that the amount of incoming carbohydrates should be proportional to the protein. For example, 40% carbohydrates, 40% protein, and 20% healthy fats.

When doing bulking should consume lots of unsaturated fats, complex carbohydrates, and also foods rich in fiber and high protein. Conversely, there are some things that should be avoided during a person undergoing this process.
Here are some tips on how to get a healthy bulking.
1. Choose the Good Fat

Not all fats are good for the body. Saturated fat or trans fat (trans-fat) can inhibit the process of muscle formation as well as interfere with the process of metabolism. Pork is an example of a type of food that contains high saturated fats, while trans fats can be found in foods such as biscuits, cakes, and various fried foods.
2. Increase Sea Fish Consumption

Another case with the types of foods that contain unhealthy fats as mentioned above, marine fish is one of the foods that contain good fats needed by the body. In marine fish contained omega-3 substances are good for our bodies.
3. Have Exercise Patterns and Restful Rest

Use 6-8 reps in REPS Mania unable to lift the last repetition. Choose the appropriate load with the ability so that the body muscle growth REPS Mania can be maximized. In addition to the correct exercise portion, our body also needs adequate rest. For that, make sure REPS Mania do not forget to give body REPS Mania pause as needed.
4. Consumption of Water

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Water is very important function for the body's metabolic processes. Without enough water, our body will not work optimally. In addition, water also serves to transport the fat so as not to be dumped in our bodies. Consumption of water regularly in the recommended amount.
5. Do not Forget Taking Vitamins And Minerals

Every day, our bodies need vitamins and minerals to absorb food well. In addition, vitamins can also improve body immunity and help run the normal function of our body. Therefore, excluding the function of vitamins and minerals is an unwise action.
6. Increase Testosterone Levels

If the age of REPS Mania above 30 years, it is better REPS Mania increase testosterone levels in REPS Mania body by taking natural supplements so that muscle growth can be maximal.

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