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- Inviting your partner to do exercise
- kind of the right drink to accompany your day
- what women over 35s can do to care the skin
- when acne appears to person with dry skin
- never ignore the benefits of avocado

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 Inviting your partner to do exercise Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Inviting people who rarely live healthy to exercise is of course difficult. But who does not want to live healthy on the old days?

First of all, I have a story for you. When I meet my husband, it's not love at first glance. Sure, we have the same group of friends, as well as some of the same real interests, but that's all. That's all, until we cycled and climbed the mountain together. We talked. We know each other. We tease each other. We fell in love. Five years later, we still enjoy working out together. Although our time is limited, these are the five strategies we have done to succeed.
 Strategies with your partner

1. Choose activities that are equally preferred

Choose a hundred activities that are both preferred. Fortunately, for us there are thousands of sports options to choose from.

2. Be willing to try new things

I admit I do not care about softball, but when my husband says he'll go dance with me once a month, I'll do it.

3. Praise your partner

Positive energy keeps everyone motivated. People want to know that they are doing something well. Thanks to the little progress they made and keep encouraging them to do it better. As I biked to the mountain with my husband, he knew that I was happier and did it better when he praised me and not criticized me.

4. Speaking

Get to know each other once more. Talk about a week-long incident. Laugh together. Do something funny. Talking helps to pass the time.

5. Plan

Exercise eases physical and mental tension. It is very useful for overall health. The only way to complement the sport on your list is to plan it. Keep a list of your choices and add various activities into your routine. If you have children and want to include them, consider looking for options such as a walk with a pram, a baby carrier or a bicycle.

There are times when I do not enjoy exercising with male colleagues. Often, I feel depressed. Am I blocking it in a certain way? Exercise is about yourself, the things you enjoy as well as your success.

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 kind of the right drink to accompany your day Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Currently coffee is no longer the only drink that trend in the western hemisphere. Cafes in San Francisco and Sydney are now selling traditional Indian beverages called haldi doodh, a combination of drinks made from turmeric and milk sold in modern versions. In Indonesia and people in the western world know turmeric as a spice ingredient.

Haldi doodh itself is a traditional drink that is believed to have health benefits ranging from overcoming depression to cancer. Now, the western hemisphere is getting crazy about this drink.

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Drinks are also referred to as golden milk is made from saffron, almonds, cashews, milk or soy milk. One of the latest signs of latte drink so popular is Google's search for turmeric that rose 56 percent from November to January. While the search since 2011 rose 300 percent. Thus the Quartz report through Food Trends Report 2016.

There is also a saying that turmeric is useful to whiten teeth and treat acne. Of course turmeric and milk sound strange to us. But this modern version of traditional drinks is more creamy, warm that is soothing but not too sweet. It was even better than coffee in coffeeshop. In view of its own ingredients, turmeric latte is more beneficial to our body in comparison with coffee.

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 what women over 35s can do to care the skin Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

as we get older, some women become more insecure with skin condition. This is certainly not surprising because the wrinkles to black spots began to appear in the 30s to 40s.

Actress Shareefa Daanish who this year stepped on 35 years began to intensively treat facial skin to delay the signs of aging. What kind of treatment does he do?

Face Care Tips for Women Aged 30s from Shareefa Daanish  
At the age of now, Daanish claimed to often experience skin dryness. For that, he paid more attention to the treatment with a regular use of moisturizer up to sunblock. It is not only done on facial skin but also body.

"For a mature woman, high SPF is important because I am over 30 so the skin is dry and wrinkle, so if I go outdoors I use lotion because my skin has started to feel dry, to the whole body," said Daanish when met Wolipop in Thamrin area, Central Jakarta, some time ago.

"For face, I also always wear night cream, if it's old it should, if not later it feels really dry and wrinkle," she added.

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In addition to applying moisturizer and sunblock, Daanish also claimed to often perform treatment at a beauty clinic. Although rare, he took time for occasional facials.

"It's two months but never devoted too because there is no time because I'm taking care of my own child.Usually select the ones that make acne alone if you do not focus on it because my skin is brown so just accept it," said the movie player The Curse .

Face Care Tips for Women Aged 30s from Shareefa Daanish  
In addition to facial skin and body, the actress who often plays horror movie genre that also take care of her hair. Moreover, the British-born woman is also often painted with bright colors. For that, he regularly apply conditioner and hair spa.

"Must be diligent hairspa, creambath, continue to wash hair should always wear conditioner I usually do hair spa then every day wet hair wear conditioner but do not always use shampoo because shampoo also one that make dry right," said Daanish.  

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 when acne appears to person with dry skin Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Acne generally appears in someone with oily skin. But, not infrequently also pimples appear on someone with dry skin.

According to Dr. Laksmi Duarsa SpKK from RS Surya Husadha, Denpasar basically the appearance of acne on dry skin will be less frequent than oily skin. If anything, it is influenced by several factors.

For example because of oil and water production is slightly on the face. Because acne will still appear on the face with oil and water is less due to excessive production of fat.

"Lack of water and oil but fat production is also excessive in question will keep pimples," said Dr. Laksmi when contacted  Health recently.

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In addition, he also explained other factors of acne appear on dry skin. For example, because it does not pay attention to cleanliness.

"Face of dust or makeup is not cleaned and clog pores," continued Dr. Laksmi.

Meanwhile, to overcome the acne on dry skin, dr I Gusti Nyoman Darma Putra, SpKK some time ago said to use a special soap sensitive skin. Because then the skin will not be easy to dry and irritate.

"To prevent acne should use a gel-based sunscreen instead of cream, and use a night cream containing vitamin A acid to remove dead skin cells that clog pores that can prevent the occurrence of acne," said Dr. Darma.

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 never ignore the benefits of avocado Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

You who like to drink fruit juice must know the identical fruit used as a remedy thirst juice. The green color and the delicious taste make avocados much in demand. In addition, the solid texture can make us feel more satiated compared with other fruit juice. But behind those advantages, a fruit that has a texture like butter is a good choice to complement your diet. How come? Let's look at the reviews about this avocado.

Avocado is the fruit of Mexico and Central America that is now widely cultivated. In addition in the form of plantations, avocado is also used as an ornamental plant home yard in areas topis the world. In fruit that has the Latin name Persea Americana contains 11 vitamins and 14 minerals that are beneficial. Coupled with protein, riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin (vitamin B3), potassium, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin C.

Given the content inside of the avocado can be a menu of your choice daat diet and good news of this fruit easily found in traditional markets or supermarkets. Here are 8 benefits of avocado when dieting.
Can be a good snack

Are dieting but want to keep snacking. You should be wise to choose healthy snacks that make you full but still healthy. One of the healthy foods that are suitable for making snacks is avocado fruit. In a study of the Journal of the American Association that put 45 people with excess weight problems on one of three different cholesterol-lowering diet for 5 weeks.

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The first low-fat diet provides 24 percent of total calories and without consuming avocados. A more moderate second diet in fat provides 34 percent of total calories as well without consuming avocados. And the third diet is equivalent to moderate fat providing 34 percent of calories including avocados in it.

The result is LDL cholesterol in an avocado dietary person may drop 13.5 mg / dL lower among other diets. This certainly can reduce the risk of heart disease. Followed by low LDL on a moderate fat diet without avocado is 8.3 mg / dL, and the latter in a low-fat diet is only about 7.4 mg / dL. So that avocado is suitable to be your snacking choice.
Able to be a belly fat laxative

Avocado is one of the fruits that are recommended for your consumption while on the diet, although some people just avoid it because it thinks avocados can raise the weight. Avocado contains a lot of good vegetable fat and when consumed will be beneficial for health. This good fat serves to minimize bad cholesterol in the body that causes heart disease. In addition, avocado also contains phytonutrients that are able to fight belly fat and make it shrink and flat.
Boost the nutrients

Need energy before practice? You can consume avocado for your energy source. Avocado fruit contains 20-30 times more fat than other fruits. This fat content can be a source of energy is high enough. Especially the type of fat is unsaturated fat so easily digested by the body.
Ward off free radicals

In addition to heart health, avocado can also ward off free radicals. Oleic acid content which is a very powerful type of antioxidant, able to ward off free radicals that are likely to cause some diseases such as cancer to metabolic disorders. So it can be concluded that avocado is one of the excellent antioxidants in removing toxins through sweat or urine.

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