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 Smart As - PS Vita games review Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

If ever considering how successful Dr. Kawashima 's Brain Training , which was released for the DS a few years ago , so it feels quite surprising . Not so much a game that seeks to overtake Brain Training and brought the genre of puzzle that sharpen the brain since its release . For example, was there , not many people have the same level of popularity of the game .

In fact, if traced, almost every person always has a handheld device and carry it everywhere at the moment . Plus, the lack of compatibility between handheld devices and gaming experience concise . The existence of such games , which makes the brain train every day , it should be logical to be one of the occupants remain in the world of mobile gaming , is not it?

However , now I have come to understand . Why such games Brain Training , both in the world of mobile gaming on handhelds like any system , can not last a long time ? Let us get acquainted with Smart As ... which was released for the PS Vita with a formula more or less feels like Brain Training . Although it has a shiny appearance , this game will be demonstrated its depth slowly .

It can be said , this game is a collection of mini - games designed deliberately to be played instantly . Suitable for appearing in a handheld system . Turning into a shiny appearance earlier , xdev Studios Europe as the development team is working on this game based on Unreal Engine technology , makes it feel pleasant to look at .

Which also distinguishes it feels Brain Training is the existence of some sort of online leaderboard and connectivity . Besides that ? Similar. Each day , players are given four mini - games to solve. Each one will test a specific part of the brain gamer , which is related to the understanding of logic , use of language , the power of observation , and mathematical calculations .

Most of the mini - games are also given the ability to utilize the PS Vita . Gameplay will involve a touch screen on the front , a touch panel on the back , an accelerometer embedded in it , up to the camera function . Assess the spontaneous reaction of gamers , completed the calculations quickly , to mention the missing letters in a word .

Once everything is completed , players will be given a percentage of the brain's ability in a day . Then , the performance of the day gamers will be compared with other gamers around the world , which also plays a Smart As ... Gamers gaming component that compares to other games this is fairly compelling. And , the good , able to describe some things in detail .

For example , gamers can see who is the best in the entire world , which country has the highest rank , to whom the smartest in the country today . If you get bored , gamers can involve the use of Near feature . Gamers will play the challenges encountered in a location . Other Gamers also can play the same challenge to contest who is the best .

Social network was integrated in it , enabling gamers to share a percentage of that obtained online through Facebook and Twitter . Can be considered as an extra bonus , or even a plus for those who often provide periodic status updates through one or two kinds of popular social networks . Also , encourage players to achieve better results .

All appear with concise and precise . Also the sound of John Cleese , entertaining enough to be heard . Minus , in gameplay , Smart As ... the same can not comfort her with the utterances of Cleese . And , this game was starting to feel less attractive as a whole to be played with a continuous and repetitive . Not much fun in the beginning .

Within a few days , Smart As ... would seem to be a game that makes players want to play in every morning . However , after a week , while the percentage of gamers have fluctuated on a daily basis , while gamers often play a game that is somewhat similar in every day , then start appearing in the self- doubt gamers . ' Why do I want to play it constantly? '

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 Fire Emblem: Awakening - 3DS Games Review Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Fire Emblem : Awakening tells about Chrom , the prince of Ylisse and his team in defending his kingdom from attack of Plegia . Throughout his journey , Chrom will meet with various unique characters , from the character of our creations , Robin ( name can be changed) up to the legendary hero , Marth .

Story Fire Emblem : Awakening is serious , but tinged with humor dialogues between characters , making this game a serious but relaxed . Do you think you can help Chrom in the struggle ?

For the fans , of course be familiar with the gameplay series Fire Emblem and Fire Emblem : Awakening is not much different from its predecessors . We will fight using a turn-based battle grid with character animation when we attack .

Fire Emblem is famous for its exceptional level of agony , following with the fans favorite system , permanent death , that means characters die on the battlefield is dead forever . However , Fire Emblem : Awakening again follow the previous game , Fire Emblem 12 , which appear to include the feature Casual Mode. In this mode the characters who die on the battlefield only to recoil only, not dead forever .

Fire Emblem : Awakening also features the character creation , just like Fire Emblem 12. Unfortunately , the choice of face , body and hair not too much, and our character will immediately become a Tactician class , no longer able to select class .

Of course, nothing prevents if we want to change the class in the future, because this game has a class system instead of using the Master and Second Seal Seal . Master Seal is used to upgrade us to be more advanced class , while the Second Seal is used to replace our base class , so for those who do not like the Tactician class is a sort of mix between the mage and the Swordsman , the Second Seal can use to change the Myrmidon class , Archer and others.

Unlike the Fire Emblem is usually where the system is carried out in sequential story , Fire Emblem : Awakening using the world map like Final Fantasy Tactics , which you can explore. In the world map , we could visit places before to spend the goods . Also, sometimes the world map can show our enemies to invite war .

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 Dead Island: Riptide - PC games review Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

On 2011, Deep Silver presented to us a game with beautiful island called Dead Island . There is only ' little ' problem is only with the beautiful island : many zombies roaming around until we as survivors must escape Banoi .

Now Deep Silver returned to continue the story of Dead Island and its four survivors in the new game , entitled Dead Island : Riptide . The story of Dead Island: Riptide really connected from Dead Island , where the four survivors Sam B , Xian Mei, Logan Carter and Purna Jackson re- appear as the main character , which you can select .

The helicopter that we use to escape Banoi had an emergency landing at a military ship , and there was a Zombie Outbreak again in the ship where we should go back to escape. Unfortunately , the ship was sunk and eventually we were stranded on a new island , Palanai . Our job is simple, to save yourself from the island appears to have occupied this zombie again .

On the fourth character can we use are the same , we can will import characters from Dead Island save game prior to direct use in Dead Island: Riptide . If you do not want will import or do not have Dead Island , then we will direct character from level 15.

In addition to the four -character Dead Island Riptide introduce a new survivor namely John Morgan , the empty hand fighting the unique enough to play.

Dead Island : Riptide played very similar to Dead Island , a game with a first -person view that we should explore the island to find weapons , crafting materials , healing items , money and solve the quest .

We could still use a variety of melee weapons to slaughter the zombies , especially when we use a sharp weapon , guaranteed hand or head of the zombie can give . If you want to fight empty-handed, the new character John could satisfy fans of hand -to - hand combat , from death to kick strong uppercut .

Like its predecessor , Dead Island: Riptide also still use the system level and experience points . The higher the level , then we can customize the character that would become master skill .

New on Dead Island : Riptide is a weather system that could change at any time and some new zombie type . The weather was hot and sunny can dramatically heavy rain or strong winds can also have a rumble . We can also explore the island Palanai by boat , where we are threatened by the zombies who feigned death to then climb the boat and pull us into the water.

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 How to choose a personal trainer Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Choosing a Personal Trainer that is right for you is important because fully understand your needs . It is important for the Personal Trainer you choose are comfortable and suit your personality because you will spend a lot of time with your Personal Trainer .

Begin the process of interviewing candidates for a Personal Trainer with you , ask a question , make sure that the Personal Trainer has a deep knowledge of fitness / wellness and discuss your requirements .

Duties & Responsibilities of a Personal Trainer
A Personal Trainer will assess the fitness , make goals based on the assessment , design a fitness program , in which progress can be measured and motivate you to stay committed to the program . Personal Trainer of the program will set the type of exercise that should be followed and the type of diet and nutritional components are designed to suit your lifestyle .

Each session , Personal Trainer you will be with you to guide you and ensure that you perform each activity properly .

Why need a Personal Trainer ?

There are several reasons why you should use a Personal Trainer . Whether you 're trying to start a fitness routine ? Then a Personal Trainer will help you get started on the right track and give you a little guidance , encouragement and motivation to help you achieve your goals . A Personal Trainer will provide personalized exercise and according to the needs and abilities of individuals and keep your workout fresh and fun . You can even have a personal trainer to come if you do not have time because of your busy schedule .

Benefits of using a Personal Trainer
If you are using a Personal Trainer , it can ask the important questions about your health , your body fat check and measure your fitness . Personal Trainer will take you through gentle exercises to start you slowly and safely toward your fitness goals . When you call your coach , do not hesitate to ask them any questions you have and find out if they can fit into your schedule and can meet you at your home or gym . If you have additional questions , please do not hesitate to ask the Personal Trainer .

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 Strategy to keep your body fresh Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Have you ever seen a group of kids playing tirelessly and hope you can find a way to gain energy as they have ? It's easy .

Here are some simple ways you can do to fight feelings of fatigue . Guaranteed , by following these steps you will feel fresh with childlike stamina . Similarly, as reported by The Guardian .

Control of blood sugar levels

Eat three small meals and two to three small meals throughout the day . That way , you will eat something every two to three hours . Your blood sugar will be well controlled .

However , note the type of snacks you eat during the day . When you are tired your first instinct might be to pick up a bag of crisps or a bar of chocolate . In fact , these foods actually make you tired than before . Try eating healthy snacks like apples or carrots .

regular exercise

According to fitness experts , aerobic exercise at least three to four times a week for at least 30-45 minutes each session is a great way to boost your energy levels .

Inhale deeply

When you're stressed , your breathing will change soon , shallow breathing caused by stress limit oxygen to the body . Using meditation , CD or applications will help you to  breathing . At least , try to stop and take a deep breath when you feel lethargic .

Enough sleep at night

Eight hours of sleep a night is ideal

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