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 The correlation between diet and aging process Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The problem , in the field of fitness , the standard for a " fact " very, very low . Someone could say that eating tofu and tempeh every day will not bring any negative impact on health is a " fact " , based on his personal experience , or observations of one of his friends . In fact , until recently , still a lot of debate in the world of scientific research itself . The facts of the researchers are still different , so far , the facts regarding the consumption of tofu and tempeh and its relationship to health has yet to reach a conclusion.

Plus , when it's a matter of health and fitness , the results are often different for each person . Thus , basing the fact to a particular group or worse , yourself or one of your friends , is a way ( I should say here ) idiotic ( the super - delicate language : stupid ) . For me , the person who did this obviously does not know anything about scientific research and the field of fitness ( sorry if I offend someone out there but other researchers , particularly in the fields of fitness , such as Jonny Bowden , Layne Norton , and Bret Contreras , also would say the same thing ) . Which is more infuriated when people insist on debating the " facts " of his with me , just by using a sample size of 1 , while the sample size I ( do not mean arrogant here ) is definitely more than 1 person .
I Have a Question , Now

So whatever you think of me , no matter how expert you think of me , I am still human beings who can make mistakes and then , I open when you question the veracity of the statements labeled fact on my blog ( not opinion yah loh . Do not confuse the two ) . If you have doubts about the truth of the statements labeled fact on my blog , you are entitled to ask for proof to me because the last thing I want to do is spread the " misleading facts " or myths .

On the other hand , if you tell me , please do not base their " facts " you are the observations , opinions , or your personal experience . Because if so , that happened was the displacement of the opinion 1 person   to the opinions of others

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 New action-rpg reborn for ps3 and ps3 Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Acttil, the company's headquarters Los Angeles founded by the former employees NIS America, has been developing cooperation with developers from Anaheim, Elemental Labs, in the making a 3D action-RPG (rocket-propelled to PS4 and PS3 with the title of Regenerate.

The execution has been done nine-month with the base Unreal Engine and aims to satisfy "soul action hero is in us along with no longer offer magic, imagination, depth and nostalgia RPG (rocket-propelled tiles that had grown up with us," said CEO Elemental, Franz Tissera.

Elemental Labs according to his plan will be looking for $150,000 for funding projects by the action Kickstarter launched next week. This was done aims to realize his game released a digital in the autumn 2014.

This game is a sci-fi action with the fight RPG (rocket-propelled real-time and depth ala action game RPG (rocket-propelled traditional. There are leveling system and experience, License Board progressive, loot rare, variety class character, and INTEGRATED DLC FUNCTIONS (for goal extension Kickstarter).  Regenerate display background Neo-Tokyo 2188 and stared by futuristic version of the sword legendary Miyamoto Musashi Province, Japan.
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 Is PS4 stronger than Xbox one? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Like fire flush with oil, an article on the website noted that Edge PlayStation 4 has 50% higher power than the Xbox One.

  In the article, it is mentioned that the developers who develop games for both platforms say that the PlayStation 4 is technically faster than the Xbox One. Several "high-level source" who was not named told Edge Magazine that date, PlayStation 4 has power 50% faster than the Xbox One.

For example, the reading of the memory in the PlayStation 4 could be 40-50% faster than the Xbox One, and ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) is also 50% faster. According to the developers, the game has not been optimized to the resolution of 1920x1080 at 30fps in the PS4, Xbox One while on the road can only be around 20fps at a resolution of 1600x900.

"Xbox One more weak and hard to use ESRAM her," said one developer.

Another developer said that the Xbox One was lost in terms of graphics, while the Xbox One driver too troublesome for them. Some even say that the graphics driver Xbox One was "terrible".

But in the end, despite the significant difference of the two consoles, the consumer will not be aware of this difference as most games use a platform-agnostic codebase.

Consider the debate about which one is more powerful in the Edge article.
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 Capcom only supports digital download for Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

 Capcom Unity has just lifted the results of a question and answer session with the producer Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Motohide Eshiro. Of this session terkuaklah a fact that Capcom will not release Ace Attorney: Dual Destiny physically outside Japan.

Eshiro anyone asks, "Is there hope for Dual Destinies be released physically in the west?"

Eshiro same answer when she answers interview at E3 2013 yesterday, "We see the physical release of the inputs western fans, but from the beginning, our goal is to bring this game to the western market faster than the previous game. As a text adventure game, Ace Attorney takes a lot to be localized, so this is quite a record menrejemahkannya quickly, while still maintaining the quality of the game. "

"Therefore, the decision of the digital release in the west goal was the production time can be eliminated and make the release date to be faster. So the answer is, no, Dual Destinies will be digital only releases in the West," he concluded.

Are you including the one that upset because there was no physical release for the fifth Ace Attorney? The plan of this game will be released around the end of 2013.

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 How to improve stamina for soccer players Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

If you are currently aspiring to be soccer players as long as possible, here are some tips that can be your guide to improve and maintain your stamina still excellent.

    Increase endurance running. You can increase your stamina by running exercise. If you run in a week as far as 3 kilometers, the next week you can try to run as far as 5 kilometers. In addition to improving and maintaining stamina, it can also strengthen your thigh and leg muscles and improve strength and endurance of your body.
    Swim and dive in the water. You can do swimming and diving exercise to improve and maintain the condition of your stamina. Exercise can also increase your lung capacity, control of breathing and increase the strength of your body muscles.
    Exercise regularly turns. The point is you can do 2 or more types of sports interchangeably. For example the first exercise you can do brisk walking, then running, then walking again, then ran alternately. This can be interspersed with short rest while doing moderate exercise to flex your muscles.
    Squat jump exercises. Jump squat routine can help you improve the strength of your leg muscles and thighs. You can do it in practice for a few minutes. Because muscle strength and leg is the most important thing in maintaining your stamina in playing football.
    Upper body exercises. Although playing football mostly using the lower body, you must keep your upper body condition, in order to maintain the balance of your body. You can do moderate exercise to train the head, neck, shoulders, chest and back of your hands in order to maintain flexibility and not rigid. It can also help you improve and your stamina.
    Adequate rest. To maintain the stamina you need to get enough rest. You must have a proper schedule when to practice, play football, sleep and rest. You also have to reduce the time to stay up and go out at night because it will interfere with your rest time.
    Eat healthy food and balanced nutrition. You must maintain and control the intake of food that goes into your body. You should reduce fatty foods but consume lots of vegetables and fruits and meat to taste. You can also take additional vitamins and nutrients to keep your body condition remained good.

As in any sport practice, before practice, do not forget to warm up and cool down first. This is to keep the muscles of your body does not have cramps or tension that could result in injury hit you.

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