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- Getting healthier body without lot of sweating
- The drinks that can support your ideal weight
- It is still possible to lose weight without exercise
- Not just for diet, also use Pomegranate for the health of heart
- What To Do To Keep The Ideal Stay Weight?

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 The treatment for uneven skin tone Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Too long outdoor activities, such as swimming or returning from vacation at the beach, make uneven skin tone.

The majority of women feel less confident if its color is uneven. You do not worry, dermatologist Dr Meghna Gupta explained the trick to overcome uneven skin tone.
1. Serum vitamin C
Use serum that contains vitamin C twice a day to dull uneven skin tone. Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant that is excellent in helping skin rejuvenation.

2. Peeling
When you want the most, do the peeling treatments at a dermatologist. You may have to repeat four to five treatment sessions so that skin color no longer streaks.

3. Scrub Natural
Natural scrub made from flour and milk are the perfect solution to diminish the striped skin. Mix the two ingredients that and apply in all areas of the body, rubbing it dry. Scrub can also be mixed with turmeric powder, sugar, and a little honey.

4. Lotion
Choose a lotion containing a minimum of SPF 30. Apply at least 30 minutes prior to activity outside the home. Repeat every 2-3 hours to protect the skin effectively.

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 The strategy to eliminate overeating Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Anyone would have experienced feelings of guilt after having spent a large bag of favorite snacks while watching, feel the stress because it can not stop to take and eat delicious cakes nastar placed on the desk, or feel sorry for trousers became crowded after continue to eat despite having been satisfied. All three of these conditions have one thing in common, namely overeating that can make moving up the scales. The danger, overeating is often done unconsciously so it is difficult to control. Thankfully, difficult does not mean impossible.

Your guide

How many times do you eat in a day? Number of meals per day generally includes three large meals and snacks three to four times. However, do you know how many decisions regarding food taken every day? Decisions about the food in question here include the when, what, how much, where, and with whom you eat and drink.

As it turned out, the decision about food each day can reach more than 200 decisions. These decisions are important for regulated properly because it will affect your diet and your weight will be.

Mindless eating concept was introduced by an expert named Brian Wansink, PhD. who do a lot of research on the causes of overeating. According to Brian Wansink, a person causes overeating is not the hunger from within but from outside environmental factors. Which include environmental factors from the outside are things around while you eat like a friend to eat, plate size, package size, the storage location of food and dining atmosphere.

Why external environmental factors can lead to overeating? Apparently, the environmental factors can affect a person's perception of the amount of food consumed. Environmental factors may make a person confused, forgotten, or even not aware of the amount of food consumed. For example, the size of a large plate that makes the food on the plate looks a little more, or a cozy restaurant atmosphere makes you linger and order more food.

Although it looks small and simple, it is actually a big impact on the amount you eat. Do not believe? Do not worry, you're not alone. A study showed that the amount of food consumed increases, currently used larger plates. However, it is not recognized by 75% of trial participants. When told that they have to eat more than usual, almost entirely deny that this is caused by the size of the larger plates.

Well, so you do not "fooled" the environmental factors that can make overeating and weight gain this, consider the following tips.

Bigger Bowl, Bigger Meal

The size of tableware will affect the amount you eat. Apparently, the larger the plates are used, the more the food consumed. This is evidenced by a study that showed that on average, a person will eat 27% more when using larger plates. Large plate of food on it will be made smaller and less visible. As a result, you will tend to take more food in order to feel full. What about the other eating utensils such as spoons? Just the same, using a bowl and spoon greater associated with 1.5 times more ice cream is eaten.

The bad news is, the size of tableware today turned out to be even greater. Data show that the size of the tableware used on average has increased 22% in the past.

Tip: Change your eating utensils with a smaller size, both during the main meal or when snacking. Try using plates, bowls, spoons and forks as well as a smaller to avoid so you do not overeat.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Where do you put the food can affect the amount to be eaten, as well as how easily and often a food looks. As it turned out, the food is placed near or easy and is often seen to be increasingly consumed. The principle is simple, see the food will make you think about it. Thoughts on these foods will trigger the hormone insulin makes blood sugar levels decreased. As a result, you become hungry and want to eat.

Effects seen whether or not the food is quite large. A study shows that using clear jars to store chocolate in top of the desk associated with the consumption of chocolate until almost twice as much, compared with white jars.

Tips: Hide favorite snacks such as cakes Nastar and Kastengel of the table and keep it in the closet, and then replace them with fruits and vegetables are healthier. Alternatively, wrap the jar transparent pastries with aluminum foil or move them to a dark-colored jar.

No Multitasking

The survey showed that 91% of people accustomed to eating while watching television, 35% of workers are accustomed to eating lunch while working at their desks, and 26% of people accustomed to eating while driving. How about you? How often the busyness of everyday life make you eat while doing other things? Alert, it can cause you to overeat later associated with weight gain. For example, eating while watching television means eating 28% more. As another example, eating while listening to the radio means eating 15% more.

Eating while doing other things will make you not focus on food. You also become aware of what you have eaten and how much is eaten. This then leads to harder you feel full and eat to excess.

Tips: Start building a habit to eat at the table, without doing anything else. If you are forced to eat while doing other things, reduce the size of bribes to prevent overeating.

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 How to choosing the right whey protein product for you? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Milk whey protein is one champion of foods to meet daily protein requirement for the body. By taking the milk whey protein, your body will obtain an optimal protein intake. As a result, the body will be quick to form new muscle cells when coupled with optimal physical activity.

How to milk whey protein compared to other protein sources?

Selecting a source of protein intake could be considered tricky, Bro. Food and drink protein is now very much on the market. Of course, all products "protein" offers the grandeur and the advantages of each. Source of animal protein in general is better than vegetable protein source. Source of animal protein contains amino acids making up the protein is more complete than the vegetable protein source.

When comparing biological value (BV-biological value) of his, a source of protein such as chicken and beef has a BV value higher than soy protein. Quality protein from chicken egg white is equally great on meat-type protein. Protein from egg whites very easily digested and absorbed by the body so that it can help build muscle more effectively. However,  source of protein from animal sources often contain high levels of fat, so its consumption should be limited.

But calm, Bro. There is still a source of protein that has a high BV value, low in fat, and easily absorbed by the body. Yes, milk whey protein is the answer. Milk whey protein has the highest protein content when compared to other protein sources. In addition, milk whey protein is also the best source of protein. High protein content, a complete amino acid, as well as a low content of fat is what makes the milk whey protein as the right choice to support your athletic body building program.

To help you choose the right milk whey protein, you can also consult a nutritionist, personal trainer, or parties expert in the field of nutrition and physical activity. So, you can get the milk whey protein is right for the formation of your athletic body.

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 Running and its effect to the body Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Running is a sport type most easily and cheaply you can do. True Bro, you must prepare just a comfortable pair of running shoes, and you will be able to run anywhere and anytime. In addition, the run is one sport that you can do with friends. The benefits of exercise can you get from running is very varied. Benefits of running them are optimizing combustion calorie, lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, including reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes, to improve self-esteem.

Julie Isphording, a marathon runner and radio broadcaster in Connecticut say that running is a sport that is appropriate for those who are just starting a regular exercise. You can do this before leaving the office or running in the gym. Either way, the benefits will still run you get.

Start by buying a running shoe that is comfortable. This one will be an investment that you will not regret, Bro. Starting a running exercise can be started with low speed and short time, then gradually increase the running speed and the duration of the run. Not everyone is suited to run very fast, and you do not want injuries due to exercise, is not it?

When you start a program you run regularly, start with walking, then alternate with run, run entirely new. Start little by little until you can run for 20 minutes without intermission. In this way, you will get used to the cardiovascular system. Muscles and joints will adjust.

So many benefits of exercise you get from running. Isphording say that you will not regret running. You will regret your chocolate sundae.

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 Five foods and ingredients to cure acne Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Although it is small, but acne can reduce confidence for disturbing appearance. For acne does not often arise, often consumption of healthy and natural foods.

Acne can be treated and prevented with facials and various creams. However, there is a natural way that is tasty and cheap. Often the consumption of healthy foods, it's rich properties.

1. Spinach

Toxins and bacteria that are not wasted by face will turn into pimples. Green vegetables such as spinach are rich in chlorophyll which can clear the bacteria and toxins from the blood is dirty. Spinach is rich in vitamin A, which is a natural anti-acne.

2. Turmeric

Turmeric can treat inflammation and makes the face brighter. Turmeric is also able to fight the bacteria and toxins that could turn into pimples. If you're acne, use about ¼ tsp turmeric powder daily for greasing acne and facial for maximum results.

3. Cocoa

Cocoa is rich in flavor, contains no sugar and is very good for the skin. Cocoa can also eliminate acne by eliminating the acid that can cause acne and inflammation. It also can increase blood flow in the skin that makes the face more radiant and youthful. Consumption of dark chocolate without sugar and cream with a high cocoa content.

4. Carrots

Carrots are healthy snacks. Orange vegetable is a good source of food for the skin because it is rich in vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene. Can help to keep skin healthy and prevent overproduction of cells in the outer skin layer. Eating carrots as a healthy diet can reduce acne faster.

5. Salmon

Salmon can help make your skin more healthy, heart healthy and increase good mood. In addition, high salmon omega-3 fats, proteins that increase collagen in the skin and helps fight inflammation. These nutrients are important for preventing acne from appearing.

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