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 What you can find inside the kitchen for boosting your healthy body Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

When toothache what are you looking for? It is definitely a painkiller with various brands. If there is no medicine at home, you do not need to panic. Because traditional medicine is in your kitchen cupboard.

As quoted from Boldsky, Saturday (11/05/2013) here is a natural medicine that you can find in the kitchen:

1. Cloves, Drugs Dental

Cloves are the right medicine for handling toothache and also gingivitis. The pain-relieving effect of cloves is produced by a natural compound in it called eugenol and this is a strong natural anesthetic.

2. Ginger, Muscle Pain Relief

Ginger can relieve muscle stiffness and reduce swelling in the joints. This is because there is an active content in the raw ginger called gingerol. In the recommended amount, ginger can also be included in your diet list. Way by adding 1 teaspoon dried ginger or 2 teaspoons chopped ginger.

3. Garlic for Ear Pain

If your ear hurts, try adding two drops of warm garlic oil into your ear twice a day for five days. Active ingredients in garlic such as germanium, selenium and sulfur compounds can provide action on bacteria to reduce inflammation.

4. Salt, Reduce Sore Throat

Gargling with warm salt water is very effective to relieve from sore throat. Salt will help reduce any swelling due to infection. Do this several times a day, you can also add garlic to it.

5. Oatmeal, Relieves Cramps During Menstruation

Oatmeal is a rich source of magnesium and is essential in relieving pain due to menstrual cramps. Oatmeal is also one of the best sources of iron in foods that can help you to get rid of pain as long as you have menstruation.

6. Blueberries for Bladder Infections

The identical fruits of purplish blue are effective in reducing the pain of urinary tract infections. The antioxidants present in blueberries are powerful enough to treat bladder infections.

7. Pineapple for Digestive Disorders

Abdominal pain due to indigestion such as acidity problem is a common problem. Pineapple will be a good remedy for this digestive disorder. Proteolytic enzymes in pineapple can help for good digestion.

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8. Turmeric, pain reliever Joints Arthritis

Turmeric can be a major relief for joint pain due to arthritis. Add turmeric to your food within certain limits. The active ingredient in turmeric called curcumin, naturally closes cyclooxygenase 2 and also an enzyme that can increase pain-causing hormones.

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 Being a began can improve your quality life Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

For the sake of maintaining health, most experts advise to adopt a balanced diet that is a combination of carbohydrates, proteins such as meat, vegetables, and fruit. But a new study reveals that being a vegetarian is healthier and makes for longevity.

In detail this study says that people who limit their intake of meat that they consume and depend on the consumption of fruits and vegetables are less likely to die within a certain period of time.

"I think these findings add to the evidence suggesting a positive effect of vegetarian-style diets in preventing chronic illness and prolonging life." Michael Orlich, lead researcher from Loma Linda University, California, USA.

The conclusion was obtained after Orlich and his colleagues looked at data from 73,308 people recruited from several churches in America and Canada between 2002-2007.

At the start of the study, participants were asked about their eating habits and divided into several categories based on the frequency of participants when consuming milk, eggs, fish and meat.

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Overall, 8 percent of participants were vegetarians who did not eat meat at all while the other 29 percent belonged to lacto-ovo-vegetarians who did not eat fish or meat but still drank milk and ate eggs. 15 percent of participants sometimes eat meat, including fish.

After that, researchers used a national database to find out how many participants died counted until December 31, 2009. It turned out that seven people died (for whatever reason) per 1,000 people who eat meat every year. Whereas the vegetarian death rate is only 5-6 cases per 1,000 vegetarians per year.

Uniquely, men get the greatest benefit from the plant-based diet.

But as reported by Reuters on Wednesday (5/6/2013), Orlich warned that they can not say if adopting a vegetarian diet will prevent someone from dying, because there may be other factors that are not measured in this study.

Then should everyone turn vegetarian? Dr. Robert Baron, who wrote an editorial for a new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, said: "I do not think everyone needs to be a vegetarian but if they want to, it shows that the effect is positive on health," Baron, professor of medicine University of California, San Francisco.

If not, Baron advises to further limit the use of additional sugars, refined grains or processed grains and saturated fats, including consuming milk, eggs, fish and meat in moderation.

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 Lose your weight now with the help of jasmine tea Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Almost everyone must have drunk jasmine tea or jasmine tea. This tea is widely consumed because it is beneficial to health and can sometimes also be used as a cosmetic ingredient for hair care. There are also people who drink green jasmine tea, a blend of green tea and jasmine.

Nothing wrong with making jasmine tea as a mandatory drink everyday consumption because there are various benefits for health, as quoted from Boldsky, Monday (15/07/2013), the following:

1. Lose weight,
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Herbal teas such as jasmine tea are widely consumed to burn fat deposits in the body. Jasmine tea is rich in antioxidants and caffeine, especially EGCG which helps weight loss.

2. Cholesterol Controller
Another benefit of jasmine tea is its ability to reduce harmful fatty acids such as triglycerides, bad cholesterol or HDL, and lipoprotiens. With the reduced fatty acids, the risk of heart disease can be minimized.

3. Regulate blood sugar
Jasmine tea can regulate blood sugar levels in the body thus preventing the possibility of diabetes. So, there's nothing wrong to include jasmine tea in your diet menu list.

4. Slows down aging
Antioxidants contained in jasmine tea is very useful for skin health. These antioxidants can also protect the body from skin damage from free radicals and slow the signs of aging. If you want the skin look younger, drink a cup of jasmine tea every day. The risk of cancer can be reduced by consuming this tea.

5. Good for the gut
In the intestine, jasmine tea can break down fats and toxins that are then removed from the body in the form of feces and urine. If your intestines are healthy, you will not suffer from indigestion, bloating, or irritable colon.

6. Calming the nerves
The scent of jasmine tea has a calming effect on your nerves that are in a state of tension or stress. However, to note in consuming this jasmine tea, make sure you do not drink more than two cups of this tea every day.

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 Things that put your fat burning effort in vain Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Fat burning is the first step to do if you want to lose weight with a healthy and stable. No need to burn fat by taking medication, some daily habits are also in fact able to burn fat without you knowing it.

Dieticians may calculate fat, carbohydrates, and calories carefully. But if you want to lose weight you become more healthy, then that must be understood is the metabolism and its effects on the body, as reported by Medical Daily, Thursday (08/01/2013).

Some of the following habits can help your body's metabolism and burn fat in your body:

1. Drink cold water

Drinking a glass of cold water with a greater frequency can increase your metabolism. In a study conducted at the University of Utah, researchers found that drinking 8 glasses of water a day can increase metabolism more effectively and quickly.

The study participants were given 4, 8 or 12 glasses of water a day. On the fifth day, they were reviewed and determined how many calories were burned per minute at a time. This is done simultaneously with measurements of urine and blood concentrations to describe the hydration level. The results showed those who consumed 4 glasses were significantly more dehydrated and had a slower metabolic rate.

2. Drink a glass of tea

Tea is scientifically proven to increase metabolism in your body. The study, published in the Journal of Medicine Investigation, examined the effects of oolong tea on metabolism in 11 women in Japan. In addition to oolong tea, they are also given water and green tea. Compared with water and green tea, oolong tea increases metabolism by 10 percent. Polyphenols found in tea are said to play a major role in increasing metabolism in women.

3. Eat every 3 hours

The more often you eat, the faster your metabolism. However, it does not mean you can eat heavy and high-calorie foods in greater frequency. Instead, the caloric intake is divided into 3 times a day with 2 healthy snacks between meals.

4. Increase intake of omega-3

Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oils are shown to significantly increase your metabolic rate. According to a report from the University of Ontario, researchers found the consumption of fish oil with omega-3 can increase the fat-burning enzymes in the body and lower fat content stored. Omega-3 supplements are believed by researchers to help you burn 400 calories per day.

5. Eating organic food items

Organic food is known to be more expensive, but it can speed up your metabolism. Antibiotics and growth hormones found in non-organic foods can slow down metabolism. In addition, pesticides in non-organic foods are also known to cause erratic changes to the body's metabolism.

6. Routine sports

Muscles are denser than fat and use more energy. The National Health Service (NHS) in the UK states that those who have higher muscles then the process of burning metabolism also higher. Exercising and building muscle will help improve your metabolism.

7. Sleep more

In a study published in the Lancet, researchers studied the effects of 'debt' sleep on metabolic and endocrine functions in 11 adolescents who slept only 4 hours for 6 nights. The results showed sleep debt has a negative impact on carbohydrate metabolism and endocrine function. The researchers also concluded that a night's sleep for 7-8 hours for adults would help keep your metabolic rate at a steady pace.

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 Losing the weight without torture diet is possible Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

To lose weight, usually people will apply a diet or diligent exercise to burn fat deposits in the body. But unfortunately there are also some people who find it difficult to take time to exercise or diet is chaotic because of several things.

Do not worry, there are still some fun ways that can help you lose weight without dieting or practice sports hard, as reported by Boldsky, Thursday

Good news for you who like with soft pillows and warm blankets. Because, this is one way in which you can lose weight. Sleep can help reduce high calorie intake in the body because you do not chew on anything when you sleep.

Drinking water and also you need fat loss meal plan
The best drink for the body is water. If you fill the stomach with water, then it can limit the hunger. When hungry, should drink at least three glasses of water. This is one of the tricks to make the stomach fuller.

 Control stress
When you are stressed, the chances of gaining weight will increase. The reason, when the stress of people often eat foods high in sugar and calories. Therefore, take a deep breath during stress and try to relax to control stress so that you avoid foods high in sugar and calories.

Acupuncture is one of the best ways to lose weight. Although the cost is quite large, but acupuncture can be an alternative for you who 'lazy' to do some kind of sport.

 Ask friends for help
You can ask your friends to help control what foods you consume. In addition, the motivation of friends so you can have a more streamlined body also includes how to lose a healthy weight, you know.

 So volunteer
Volunteer exercise is more influential for body and mind. Where by doing physical activity without you knowing it, it can also lose weight.

 Walking with pets
Walking with pets like dogs or cats can help you lose weight without exercising or dieting. Walking twice a day while relaxing with a pet proves to be useful one of which is lowering your weight.

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