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- Getting healthier body without lot of sweating
- The drinks that can support your ideal weight
- It is still possible to lose weight without exercise
- Not just for diet, also use Pomegranate for the health of heart
- What To Do To Keep The Ideal Stay Weight?

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 The list of foods that contain Whey protein Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Whey protein is a protein found in milk. Typically, whey protein is obtained when the processing of milk into cheese, Bro. This protein also serves to accelerate muscle recovery process also improves your performance during exercise.

To obtain an optimal intake of whey protein, of course you must first know the type of food that contains whey protein. So, check it out!
Milk contains whey protein as the main source of whey milk is cow's milk or goat. As many as 20% of whey protein derived from cow's milk.

Yogurt contains whey protein because yogurt is included in the dairy. Whey protein in yogurt is equal to 13g per cup her.

The cheese usually contains whey protein. Whey comes from the process of making cheese such as cheddar, mozzarella, swiss and other cheese with rennet enzyme to separate the casein and whey protein.

Milk whey protein. Milk whey protein has undergone purification so that its whey content is very high. Interestingly, milk whey protein is a type of protein that is most rapidly absorbed most optimal also used by the body to form new muscles.
Foods above are a variety of foods that contain whey protein to help you in the ideal body shape and lead a healthy lifestyle. Please complete your healthy lifestyle with whey protein, Bro!

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 The foods that can make you feel and look tired Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The food is very necessary for the body because it is a source of energy, the need to eliminate hunger, or as a mood enhancer when one is feeling bad day.

Beyond that, the food can also make you look tired.

Here are some foods that can make you look tired.

1. Artificial Sweeteners
Artificial sweeteners are bad for you because it can cause swelling. Artificial sweeteners contain aspartame which is also an artificial sweetener that can cause joint pain and can make you eager to consume excess sugar that will make you look exhausted. To avoid it, replace sugar with natural sugar such as fruit.

2. Alcohol
For some reason, alcohol may have health benefits. However, more alcohol has an adverse effect on health. Sipping a glass over excessive alcohol can cause dehydration so make you look tired and pale. To that end, replace alcoholic drinks with water so you do not dehydrate excessively.

3. Fried foods
Fried foods looked very tempting, but it can aggravate your skin. Fried foods packed with trans fats and oils that can clog the arteries, as well as stressful blood cells that make your skin look dull and tired.

Fried foods are also high in calories that can cause weight gain. So, should reduce the consumption of fried food. However, if you still want to eat, you can make your own use the healthy oils.

4. Candy
The sugar in sweets have no benefit for you. Too many sweets will provide insulin spikes that followed a drop in energy so quickly that makes you feel very tired. In addition, the sugar in candy can make your eyes puffy.

5. Red meat
Eating red meat may have an advantage, but if you overeat more than once a week, it will cause a lot of damage to your body.

Eating too much red meat can lead to increased wrinkles caused by the compound carnitine in red meat hardens the walls of blood vessels. So, try to eat red meat only once a week.

6. Spicy foods
Eating too much spicy food can cause irritation to skin, uneven skin tone and blood vessels dilated. Spicy foods can also cause acne and even make the skin look a little older, which in turn makes you look tired. If you like to eat spicy food, create restrictions.

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 healthy nutrition is all you need when building body Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

As a grown man, it's time you're more concerned about what you consume, Bro. If you do not pay attention to daily nutritional intake, the body will be more susceptible to disease. If left unchecked, the body you can be thin and unhealthy. You need to know, how to gain weight the instant it is usually not healthy, Bro!

So, how can I add weight in a healthy manner with regard to daily nutritional intake? Follow the steps below!

    Understand what your body needs. When it has reached the age of majority, of the nutrients you need different with children and adolescents.
    Be active! Exercise routine will help you increase muscle mass, which will certainly contribute to the effort you put on weight.
    Watch your eating habits. Make sure you have a meal schedule more often. In addition, eat foods rich in protein to optimize the results of your exercise
    Get enough sleep. Enough sleep will help rebuild the muscles of your body.

Do not forget also to increase the consumption of fiber, such as fruits and vegetables. Both of these foods are rich in vitamins and minerals, which serves to nourish your body! Gain your weight in a healthy way!

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 The ingredients to clean make-up naturally Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

After a day of wearing make-up, then you are obliged to remove it from the face can still breathe and not easily appear acne. If the eraser makeup you're finished, you can clean the makeup naturally by using ingredients you have at home.

In addition to cost, get rid of makeup are not naturally bad for your skin at risk because of the absence of the chemicals. What are they?

1. Cucumber
This cooling vegetables have anti-inflammatory and soothing enough too. Mix fresh cucumber juice with a few drops of baby oil to clean your makeup.

2. Milk
Milk has been known as a natural cleanser. Especially when mixed with canola and olive oil it will be more effective to act as a makeup remover.

3. Coconut oil
Coconut oil can be used for some skin care. One is to remove makeup. Cotton basting with coconut oil and gently rub it on your face.

4. Oil Wine
Grapeseed oil potent in maintaining and protecting your skin from acne and wrinkles. Simply apply a grape seed oil to your face using a cotton swab, makeup instantly deleted.

5. Avocados
Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A, D, and E, avocado good for your skin. Use a mixture of avocado with some nourishing oils such as olive oil to clean the makeup, especially the blackened eye circles.

6. Yogurt
Yogurt has moisturizing properties very large. Apply yogurt on the face thoroughly and rub in a circular motion using a cotton swab before rinsing. Yogurt really make your face look more fresh.

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 variety of exercises to develop muscles Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Train the muscles of the body can also increase the body's metabolism. Muscle contraction makes the body more sensitive to insulin and improve the muscle's ability to use glucose. As a result, the body burns sugars helped in blood. This situation ultimately protect you from the risk of developing diabetes.

Know Your Chest Muscle

At the upper chest, muscle is the most dominant pectoralis major muscle. The shape resembles a fan expanded. The muscles that keep the arm is still attached to the body. A common complaint in this area are bruising, pain in the chest, and reduced muscle strength, but is very rare injury.

Under the pectoralis major muscle, pectoralis minor muscle there. In addition, various other muscles helped shape the chest, including the trapezius muscle, infraspinatus, and teres major. In addition, major rhomboid muscle, serratus anterior, and also helped shape the deltoid upper torso.

Strengthening exercises and Shaping Chest Muscle

To get strong chest muscles and looks great, you can perform a variety of exercises. Relax, the following two examples of exercises easy to do.

push ups

Push ups are the ideal movements in training the upper chest muscles and shoulders. Position yourself face down with both palms flat on the floor with the hands parallel to the shoulders. Put both feet back. Try to push your body until your elbows straight, then lower your body back. Strive backs and legs in parallel position for doing so. Do as much as you can afford, but it is recommended to do three sessions with each consisting of 15 push ups.


You can do this movement both in the fitness center with barbelatau at home with the use of weights. The trick, lie down on a bench or on the floor with legs straight. With both hands holding a barbell, weightlifting into his chest until your arms straight, then lower until the distance was only 2.5 cm at the top of the chest. Repeat this movement as much as you can afford, but it is recommended to make a maximum of three sessions with each consisting of 8-12 times. Movement aims to lift weights to build muscle mass and increase muscle cell size (hypertrophy).

Things to Remember During Exercise Strengthens Muscles and Shaping Chest

The desire to have a strong chest muscles and forms must be accompanied by a realistic process. You have to keep up with these things.

Start with light weights and then add

Start with light weights. Perform as many repetitions of 8-10 times for each load. If you've managed to reach 10 repetitions without feeling tired, it does not hurt to add a burden. However, always remember to be aware of the maximum limit that you can afford to avoid the risk of injury.

No need to go overboard

In practice, you do not need to do too much. Avoid muscles more than 30 minutes in each session. Simply do the exercise 1-2 times each week. When forced to practice excessively, it would be risky damaged muscle. Your muscles will grow in the days of rest between training sessions you.

Do exactly

Make sure you do the movements strengthen the chest muscles appropriately. You can ask others, such as instructor or personal trainer to train you and correct if there is any movement. In addition, you should realize maximum physical abilities themselves. If it is not able to perform a movement, not forced.

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