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- Make exercise more fun with your partner
- high intensity cardio training for the men
- healthy meals to replace your fave junk foods
- the reason you should stick to your current training
- bulking phase you need to know

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Just to remind Reps Mania that the best way to lose fat and improve body composition is to combine weight training and aerobics. Various types of exercise programs can be adjusted for various ages since the age of children, adolescents, adults, to the elderly. This time Reps will present an exercise program aimed at those who are fit, routine & actively working every day, with age ranges ranging from 18 to 50 years.

Adequate sleep (break) is very necessary to maintain your body condition, especially after lifting weights. Get used to regular sleep for 6-8 hours every day. If your work time requires you to do the night-time activities, you should replace your sleep deprivation or rest your total body during the day for 1-2 hours.

One thing that is not less important is to maintain a complete and healthy nutrition intake (diet menu). Pre & post workout items like Amino, Creatine, Whey, and vitamins & minerals, can also be added to support your body's nutritional needs. Avoid cigarettes, alcohol, and do the actual healthy lifestyle, so the results are more real and get a healthy body, fit, and idela is not solely a dream.

Diet menu ala REPS
07.00 AM:

    Wheat bread + protein shake, or
    3 egg whites (1 yellow) + oatmeal
    Snack 10.00: Crackers, and or fruit juices (bananas, apples, etc.)

Afternoon 13:

    Red rice + fish / chicken breast / meat (steamed / boiled) plus vegetables
    Snack 16.00: 2 or 3 crackers and sweet tea (diet sugar) - raise blood sugar levels

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Night 19.00:

    Red rice + fish / chicken breast / meat (steamed / boiled) plus vegetables

If you still feel hungry, 30 minutes before bedtime you may consume fruits, such as apples, oranges, etc.

Do not forget to accompany your diet with sufficient water intake (6-8 glasses per day). Supplementation products such as Amino, Glutamine, Creatine, and multivitamins may also be added to complement your nutritional intake requirements. But remember that do not make supplements as the main nutritional reference. Supplements = extra. Natural food is definitely more needed by your body to get athletic and ideal body as you expect it to be.

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 Building the strength for men Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

This slogan was popularized by Jerry Sienfeld while mocking physical bodybuilders. Ask yourself, is that really a scourge in our society? The slogan was mostly spoken by women who used to wear foam pads on their blouse shirts. Indirectly, by wearing such blouses, women like swallowing their own saliva. Can you imagine someone taking an education class or starting a new experience by saying "I'll do it as long as I do not get too successful."? Or when you go to a golf class, you say to the instructor, "Teach me to play but do not make me as good as Tiger Wood."? Do not use fear of success as an excuse not to exercise.
13. "Strength built quickly is lost quickly"

In the world of strength training, many believe that high intensity strength training can increase a person's strength quickly, but tends to be unstable and quickly fade. High volume strength exercises increase strength slowly, but guaranteed the strength that has been achieved will be more permanent in nature. This is consistent with the theory of periodization, where high intensity exercise in alternating intervals with high-volume exercises is highly recommended to gain 2 advantages at once: increase strength and make the force permanent. The result, look at those who have strength training during the year, and when they take a few months of training, they still have the strength and physical composition as before. Different with the beginners, they can not do such a thing.
14. "Quality before quantity"

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This slogan keeps the beauty of the true truth. Can be applied to all training and overall career of the athlete. Just say you can do 6-7 pull-ups, but once you want to do 3 rather than 10 sets. Most people try to add repetition (quantity) to each exercise, which usually does not give any meaning, does not make you stronger. A more sensible approach is to use lower reps (quality) - say 2-3 rep per set. Consequently you must use additional load, then gradually increase the number of your sets. After 3-4 weeks, when you are able to do 10-12 sets of 2-3 reps, try occasionally doing the same set with as many reps as you can with all-out, and you will be satisfied with the results.

This meaningful slogan is very suitable to be applied on the  periodization. First, make each part of the muscle so strong (focus on the weakest part first with isolation exercises), then do the exercises that involve some muscles to work together (compound exercise). Without such an intelligent strategy, you will not have enough strength, limited flexibility and endurance. Quite reasonable, considering each part of your muscle must have optimal performance parameters before it can be used in more complex compound exercises and in other sports.

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 Traps attack for better back muscle Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

One part of your body muscles to look more macho, and if you are a man then trapesius or shoulder is the answer. To shape it for some people is easy, but some say it is difficult. Consider the following exercise tricks and techniques so that you have shoulders as high as a mountain and look macho.

Barbel upright row

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Hold the bar at close range, then spread your elbows over the shoulder width. Raise the bar up to the level of the neck, then hold it for a moment and lower it slowly. When in the bottom position do not let your arm lock and your muscles rest, keep the muscle contraction by holding the load. When lifting or lowering do not occasionally swing your body, it's the same as you do cheating by utilizing the momentum that should not form your traps. Perform 4 sets of 8-12 reps with medium load.

Behind barbell shrug

This is the ultimate exercise for shaping the shoulders, holding the bar behind your body approximately shoulder width apart. Then lift your shoulders to lift the weight, make sure your arm does not come bending. Because if that happens, your arm function is just a hook. At peak movement hold for 3 seconds and release it slowly. When in the bottom position once again do not let go, but keep muscle contraction and do the next repetition. Perform 4 sets of 8-12 reps with medium load. You can shrug using barbell plate like picture below or dumbbell as variation.

Behind barbell shrug1


The advantages of this exercise when compared to the usual upright row is that you can further isolate the shoulder muscles without cheating. Because the body position lies static and can not sway, other than that the nature of the cable is always constant load. The principle is the same as upright row barbell, drag and hold for a moment then release it again while maintaining muscle contraction. Perform 3 sets of 8-12 reps.

Wide grip t bar shrug

Grasp the two T-BAR handles, then lift and shrug as usual, hold for 2-3 seconds of movement before release again. Do as many as 3 sets to failure on each of each set.

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 shoulder training for stronger arm muscle Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

That to raise your hands is to train the biceps and triceps only then you are right. But to increase the aesthetics of the muscles in the hands, you must train the shoulder muscles.

It is undeniable that the shoulder muscles are one part with the hand muscles. Therefore, to keep the symmetry of the hand muscles, shoulder muscles so exercise you often train. Here We present shoulder exercises that can enhance the beauty of your hand muscles.

Side Lateral Raise

Start with a standing position

Grab the dumbbell on the right and left side of the body

Then lift the dumbbell up parallel to the shoulder

Repeat the movement

Do as many as 3 sets x 12 reps

Front Lateral Raise

Start with a standing position

Grab a dumbbell in front of the body

Then lift the dumbbell forward until it is parallel to the shoulder

Repeat the movement

Do as many as 3 sets x 12 reps

Side Lateral Raise with Overhand Grip

Start with a standing position

Grab the dumbbell on the right and left side of the body with an overhand grip

Then lift the dumbbell up parallel to the shoulder

Repeat the movement

Do as many as 3 sets x 12 reps

Arnold Dumbbell Press

Start with a sitting position

The dumbbell clasp in front of you is parallel to the shoulders with your palms facing your face

Then push the dumbbell overhead while changing the position of the hand facing forward as you lift the load.

Repeat the movement

Do as many as 3 sets x 12 reps

Rear Lateral Raise with Overhand Grip

Start by sitting on the bench

Grab a dumbbell with overhand grip

Then push the dumbbell to the side until the hand position is parallel to the shoulder

Repeat the movement

Perform the movement as much as 3 sets x 12 reps

Dumbbell Seated Rear Delt Row

Start with a sitting position with a slightly bent body position

Grab the dumbbell with an overhand position
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Pull the dumbbell upward until the hand forms an elbow

Repeat the movement

Do as many as 3 sets x 12 reps

Reverse Machine Grip

Start with a sitting position on the Flyes machine

Hold both grips on the machine

Then push it back until the hand is aligned with the shoulders

Feel the contractions that occur on the back of the shoulder muscles

Perform the movement as much as 3 sets x 12 reps

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 The circuit training for bodybuilding Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Strong, undefined chest muscle structure sometimes becomes the strength of a man's appearance to look more manly and macho. For men, forming a chest muscle is the first task that must be done when the first time in place fitness. Methods how to form it is quite simple and easy.

To get the perfect result, combine the following exercise program as many as 5 sets in 15 reps with training circuit method. Arrange your wife's time lag for 30 seconds, then kick back to the next technique until it reaches the peak of the exercise technique specified in 1 lap. It will be boring to spend 5 laps in one game, but if you enjoy it and feel the muscle movement is felt, then you are more challenged to finish.

Feel the contraction of your chest muscles from various sides so that the results are satisfactory. And keep in mind priority "Quality not Quantity", synchronize between 1 movement Range of Movement (ROM) with muscle contraction obtained. GOOD LUCK
Circuit 1
Incline Bench Press - Chest Press - 5x Cable Crossover Set.


Sitting on the incline bench press, choose enough load with no weight or light weight. Next, rest your body with a boisterous stance, and prepare to hold the bar that has been available on an incline bench press bar.

After the position is ready, push the bar and take a breath then lower the bar towards the upper chest. After reaching the negative position of the bar in the bottom position, push back up accompanied by exhaling. Do it repeatedly until it reaches 15 reps. After that do not rest and immediately move to the next technique.


Next Chest Press. If your gym does not have this machine, you can do it with a bench press. For the initial attitude, do the bench press attitude in general, namely by puffing out the body when the body laid down and while executing the movement.

The function of this chest press, which gives pectoralis muscle contraction as a whole. In addition, using a chest press machine can isolate the movement more effectively without the need for spotter assistance.

The technique, push the handle forward, then take a breath and bend your elbows or point the handle towards your chest. After reaching negative position, push back handle of chest press fore followed by exhale. Repeat this movement as many as 15 reps with enough load. But if the load is less challenging, you can add it according to your ability.


Lower petoralis major or chest muscles tend to the bottom is your target do the following crossover cable. In addition to targeting these muscles, cable crossover also concerns some other supporting muscles such as shoulder muscles.

To execute it, grip two grip cable crossover with the elbow slightly frozen. But keep in mind, the guidelines when you train the chest muscles that remain upright or with the position of the chest always puffed.

After the two grips you were holding, take a breath then push / swing the cable crossover towards the front underneath followed by breathing and return to the original position. Do as many as 15 reps with full contraction.

This is the final stage movement in circuit session 1. After that rest for 30 seconds. Repeat the movement from the first until it reaches 5 sets or 5 rounds.
Circuit 2
Incline Dumbbell Press - Incline Dumbbell Flyes - Dumbbell Pull Over 5x set.

The next circuit, targeting the major pectoralis muscle section for the upstairs side room with Incline Dumbbell Press and Incline Dumbbell Flyes. As a first step, strike first with Incline Dumbbell Press.

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Take a pair of dumbbells with enough weight. Then push upwards. Then take a deep breath and lower both dumbbells toward the chest by freezing your elbows. Control movement and center contraction on upper chest muscles and side angles adjacent to shoulder. Do it repeatedly until it reaches 15 reps.


After completion of Incline Dumbbel Chest Press, Do not lower your dumbbell. Continue back to the next session, by executing Incline Dumbbell Flyes.

The trick, stand / straighten your hands with a dumbbell position just above the chest. Then take a breath and then lower / dump the dumbbell down with a second elbow style as it is winged both wings. Once the dumbbell position is below, push / swing back up followed and exhale. Do as many as 15 reps by focusing the contraction of your chest  


In closing of this 2nd circuit, you are required to perform a dumbbell pullover with a heavy enough load. Note the level of difficulty and contraction in question. This movement, a movement of components involving other muscle parts other than the chest, such as triceps, s 

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