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- Getting healthier body without lot of sweating
- The drinks that can support your ideal weight
- It is still possible to lose weight without exercise
- Not just for diet, also use Pomegranate for the health of heart
- What To Do To Keep The Ideal Stay Weight?

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 Diet can help you lose belly fat Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The presence of distended abdomen that contains the abdominal fat have bad effects, not only around the belly, but for overall body health as well. This could increase a person's risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Even more important to note is the presence of fat in the belly of this can be one sign of metabolic syndrome.

The metabolic syndrome itself is a set of health problems that plagued body. In addition to the accumulation of fat in the abdomen or waist that reflected numbers waist circumference, following several other health conditions the criteria of the metabolic syndrome, among other disorders of the:

    Increased blood pressure
    Increased blood sugar levels
    Increased triglyceride levels
    Lack of good cholesterol (HDL) in the body

In the long term, these conditions can also increase a person's risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

How to Shrink Stomach

To get rid of belly fat, there is no miraculous things that need to be done. Because according to experts, as a person in a successful attempt to lose weight, then the belly fat will also likely be lost. If done regularly, some way below the potential to eliminate the bloated stomach.

    Inadequate intake of fiber and cardio training focus

How to shrink the bloated belly of the first and perhaps most recommended is to meet the needs of fiber and exercising regularly. Some medical evidence shows that a combination of both tend to reduce belly fat faster and safer. The study also added that each increment of 10 grams of fiber can reduce abdominal fat as much as 3.7 per cent within five years. To get 10 grams of fiber, you can eat two apples a small or a cup of peas.

In addition to fiber, exercising is just as important complementary activities, especially cardio exercise. If done on a regular basis several times a week, can help you burn calories. It is advisable to do so for 2.5 hours each week by dividing per day. Pair with a form of resistance training to maximize the benefits of physical exercise.

    Sufficient sleep

Someone get time to sleep less than five hours a potentially cause fat deposits around organs, according to a study. Meanwhile, excessive sleep is also likely contributed to the increase of fat deposits in the abdomen. To that end, should suffice the needs sleep for eight hours and try to be consistent bedtime and wake up every day, even on weekends though. Bedtime is inconsistent can confuse the body's circadian clock and trigger the body to release hormones that can accumulate fat.

    With proper diet

The existence of abdominal fat is often associated with excessive consumption of saturated fats. Saturated fats are themselves ordinary found in beef, butter, and dairy products. To prevent the accumulation of fat in the abdomen, should prioritize the consumption of unsaturated fat which can be obtained from avocados and fish. Just make sure unsaturated fat consumption is always within reasonable limits because of all the fat is generally high in calories.

    relieve stress

The stress associated with the release of the hormone cortisol. The ill effects of the release of this hormone is to help the body to store fat. To ease the release of cortisol, it requires the proper way to manage stress. According to the study, meditation is expected to relieve the stress of having proven to reduce cortisol levels in the blood.

According to scientists, the most appropriate way to reduce belly fat is to improve the lifestyle, especially getting used to regular exercise. Then do the steps described above.

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 Control your hunger hormone for diet Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Sometimes you complaining about how your diet fail miserably simply because you like the constantly feel hungry. Intention careful control of eating, it ended up with a great meal that is not completed-completed. Lest your problem lies in your excessive hunger hormone. Here it is a healthy diet tips that can help you cope with this situation!

In the human body there are two types of hormones related to hunger and satiety. Hormone that triggers hunger hormone called Ghrelin and cause satiety called leptin. Tips for a healthy diet this time to talk about how to control hunger hormone production.

Ghrelin is a hormone produced by the human digestive system when the stomach and other digestive device to increase its activity to digest food. Ghrelin is sent to the brain to instruct yourself immediately eat. Ghrelin appears periodically every 4 -6 hours and is usually associated with the condition of an empty stomach at the same time is also related to the rhythm of the digestive system to actively move peristaltic grind food.

Ghrelin also encourages the body to lower metabolism, decrease fat burning and increase appetite. That is why when you are hungry, you feel a bit lethargic and sometimes feel dizzy. This contrasts with leptin that actually stimulate the metabolism, increase fat burning to form energy and encourages blood flow faster.

Therefore, it is important for someone who is on a diet, to suppress ghrelin production and help trigger the production of leptin. As for how to improve the hunger hormone, among others.

Breakfast with High Protein

In the research developed by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Found found that starting the day with a breakfast full of high protein would suppress ghrelin production is better than high carbohydrate breakfast. Proteins tend to be longer to digest and cause effects full stomach longer. It helps you not too tasteful meal at lunch time.

Eating Regularly

Make sure eat at the same time every day, so automatically formed rhythm remains on your digestive system. Thus the production of ghrelin to be scheduled, you can eat in moderation and ghrelin automatically dropped. Besides this way makes you easily anyway avoid hunger that comes not necessarily.

Ensure Enough Sleep

An other research developed by PLoS Medicine have linked ghrelin production with less sleep. When sleeping, someone will reduce production of the hormone ghrelin. When you get enough sleep, without the anxiety of course, you'll wake up without feeling hungry. This will give you time to adjust your digestive condition before starting breakfast. Also helps the body burn fat the rest of the day yesterday for your morning activities before charging back.

Avoid Low Calorie Diet

Low-calorie diet forces the body to burn stored fat for energy form. A glimpse of how effective because automatically you also eat more reserves of energy for the combustion process. But unfortunately, these conditions gave rise to signal the lack of calories, which means also as a marker for producing ghrelin. That's why many dieters low calorie diet actually end the revenge by consuming excessive food.

Many food Sweet

Who would have thought sweet foods more easily push someone hungry. Sweet foods will work in the opposite direction with insulin. And when the pressure is too high to insulin, the automated production of ghrelin increased, which in turn triggers your back feel hungry.

Avoid Stress

Some people are often complained of being more eating when feeling stressed. In fact, according to UT Southwestern Medical Center, when a person feels stress, to reduce the effects of stress the body produces the hormone ghrelin. When this hormone can be lowered naturally by eating, the body will produce hormones anti depressants.

Those are some healthy diet tips that help to suppress the production of ghrelin, which causes you to feel hungry. Controlling hunger is clearly a wise choice in a healthy diet.
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 The metabolism and its connection with sleeping Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Sleep - it seems this is not the moment that occurs in order to release tension and fatigue alone. It seems that sleep has a connection which is quite important for your body's metabolism. Sleep plays a role in the decrease or weight gain. Broadly speaking, a person may experience sleep deprivation 'starvation' so he will attempt to eat all kinds of food are seen merely to satisfy the desires that exist at that time. It is the same with people who oversleep, when he woke up that feels even the desire to eat.

Even if your body were a little put out the number of calories while sleeping, when compared to the times when you move. Sleep is an important part that you can not simply ignore. Someone who sleep less will look like a 'zombie' - looked like the living dead. Their metabolism also disrupted, if this happens - a disorder that arises is not just about weight loss alone. Because the body's metabolic function associated with the organ as a whole. Therefore, in order that you sleep soundly required lighting and room temperature are suitable.

A person undergoing a healthy diet, need a good night's rest - ideally 7 to 8 hours every day. The period of rest at night is believed to scrape the fat up to 2-fold compared with the diet program that is not accompanied by a night's rest. It seems that obtaining sufficient rest at night can delay hunger. Because sleep at night can improve concentration, then when you wake up it will allow you to plan a diet with a reasonable manner and in accordance with the conditions or situation at that time.

A study conducted in Australia shows a cause-effect relationship in sleep patterns with obesity occur among adolescents. Another interesting study also occurred at Columbia University located in New York in 2004. The study involved 18,000 people with interesting conclusions, that people who sleep less than four hours each night, has a tendency of becoming obese by 73% - when compared with those who slept for 7 to 9 hours. If you sleep more than 10 hours the risk of obesity is also lurking.

A person with the condition of lack of sleep has a weak immune system, this state makes it possible for you to various diseases. Due to lack of sleep, the body also undergo 'stress' and the regeneration of cells can be disrupted. Stress often triggers a person to overeat, it is no wonder if people in this situation also increased weight. Meanwhile, when you get sick, your body is losing weight - but this is not a pleasant way to have an ideal body shape. So keep your health!

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 Determine your ideal weight Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Has an appealing appearance is not unusual for women, and even some men also attempted to maintain their body shape remains athletic. There are many reasons why they do so, one reason for this is so interesting to look at. Other reasons are often personalized, for example; want to please their partners, want to stay healthy, or do not even want ostracized or ridiculed by their colleagues who have ideal body weight. If so, how exactly how to determine the ideal weight? Is it true that a healthy diet can help you?

The ideal weight does not mean you have a proportional body shape alone, these include healthy weight and according to height. Although you can see it for yourself, ideal body weight have a special calculation known as body mass index (body mass index). It is obtained from, weight divided by height per meter squared (W ÷ T²). Then, the results will show a particular category, for example: <18.5 (Weight Less); 18.5 to 22.9 (Weight Normal); > 23.0 (overweight); > 24.9 (Weight Obesity).

For example: A man has a weight of 78 kg with a height of 1.68 m. How to calculate body mass index? Enter the formula above, 78 ÷ 1,68² (the obtained results at 27.64) - in the category whether the man? Certainly we can say that these men are obese. Then, how many normal weight men with a height of 1.68 m? We can reverse the formula, body mass index (body mass index) is multiplied by the height per meter squared (IMTxT²). For example, 18,5x1,68² (the obtained results at 52.21). So minimally normal weight she needs to have is 52 kg to 64 kg. How about you? Have calculated?

If the results show that you are underweight, overweight, even obese. Then you need to make a healthy diet, either to improve or increase weight or to lose the excess weight. This relates to your daily calorie needs (daily calorie calculation is discussed in another article). As a guideline, an obese may only receive 1000 calories to 1500 calories per day. For those who are overweight may limit up to 1700 calories per day, and for those of you who have a normal weight can limit it to 2000 calories. This depends other factors.

As; type of event or activity that is carried out every day and the health condition of the person - whether she is pregnant (for women) or sick (anyone can experience). The content of nutrients in food is also worth noting, in particular vitamins, vegetable proteins, mineral salts, fats, essential amino acids, fiber, and water. You also need to reduce the consumption of sugar, salt, animal protein, animal fat, cholesterol, refined products, and preservatives. Thus you can live a healthy diet and determine the ideal weight that meets your needs.

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 What is exactly diet?? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Diet is the activity of eating food in a way set to achieve or maintain a controlled weight. Diet is done by some people with a different purpose. There are some people go on a diet to maintain health on medical advice or suffering from certain diseases, and there is also a diet because of problems with her weight.

The diet to maintain health is usually done by people with diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney, heart disease, gout, and other disease sufferers who are required to go on a diet. Diet is also usually done by pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Diets that do aim to get the ideal body weight, have differences in the way of weight loss for overweight (obesity) and raise the weight for less or not to get ideal weight. Diet is also commonly performed by athletes, usually they follow the diet to keep the weight (for formation or keep the shape of their muscles).

Diet is used to maintain a stable weight. For those who have a healthy weight but it is easy to gain weight will usually be on a diet to maintain their weight to remain stable.

In the diet, proper diet program is required according to the needs and ages. This is necessary because with the right diet program for us, the purpose of the diet will be achieved. Diet programs are legion, and each person will not necessarily be the same result in applying the same diet program. To that end it is good before you go on a diet, consult with your doctor, nutritionist, or people who are experts in diet programs.

Diet is not only done by adults only. Many teenagers and children on a diet. Usually their diets will vary with diet programs carried out by adults.

In the diet program will usually include a variety of prescription diet. In addition to adjusting the diet usually diet to keep the weight off, especially for weight loss is usually accompanied by physical exercise.

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