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In a nutritional class, a dietitian named Andrea Giancoli asked some participants to bring in cans and bottles of drink that participants drank every day, from soda, fruit juice to sweet tea.

Then the expert who is domiciled in New York is asking participants to read the label behind a can or bottle containing information about the size, number of calories and sugar and Giancoli using a pile of rock sugar to give an idea of ​​how much sugar consumed participants.

"They do not know what's good and bad for their health, they do read the outside packaging but not on the label," said another dietician Angela Ginn who is also a member of The Academy of Nutrition with Giancoli.

Although soft drink sales have declined over the past few years, sales of sports drinks, juices and other non-carbonated beverages have increased.

Whereas in 2011 alone, Americans recorded an average drink of 2400 mL carbonated soft drinks or according to Beverage Digest's beverage industry bulletin about 9 billion cases while sales of other non-carbonated beverages, including bottled water reached 15 billion cases.

Giancoli also revealed that some participants who saw the image of the fruit on the label assumes that the sweetened beverage is good for his health. There are even other participants who find it difficult to say how many servings they eat, but experts say almost everyone consumes about three servings of 6000 mL calorie size bottles.

Therefore Giancoli creates a trick to help participants understand their sugar and calorie intake by showing the actual amount of sugar in a number of drinks that participants often consume. Giancoli also suggested that drinking 6000 mL of soda bottles daily can add 12 kg of body weight annually.

The problem is the human brain does not see the calories from the drinks as in the food. No wonder many people find it difficult to understand the impact of larger bottle sizes or cans, experts say.

Researcher Pierre Chandon, who recently studied 21 studies, found that although the cup or packaging is double in size but consumers can not say if they get twice the portion.

"This shows that our brains are very bad in geometry," said Chandon who is also a professor at INSEAD business school in Paris as quoted by huffingtonpost, Friday (07/06/2012)

According to him, manufacturers must include a picture on the front that shows the number of portions of the drink. Precisely by adding the word 'medium' or 'big' on the label is meaningless to the consumer.

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