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For some people, losing weight is not an easy matter. The various ways are almost useless. But it could not hurt to try to include the following healthy drinks into your diet.

Here are some drinks that are believed to facilitate weight-loss program, as reported by Dailyhealthpost, Monday (29/4/2013):

1. Wedang ginger

A 2010 study published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that eating ginger may help fight cravings and reduce appetite. If you feel hungry, try drinking a cup of ginger wedang before you decide to eat a snack.

2. Green tea

Not a fan of ginger? Green tea has the same effect. Catechin in green tea, in particular, has been associated with weight loss, as it gives a boost to metabolism.

3. Coffee

Caffeine can provide a short-term metabolic stimulus while suppressing appetite, so good news for coffee drinkers. However there is one caveat, adding cream and sugar to the drink can actually undo the possible benefits.

4. Vegetable juice

Vegetable juice can provide extra nutrients and potentially help you eat less while eating. We recommend that you consume fresh vegetable juice instead of packaging to avoid additional calories.

5. Coconut water

This tropical drink has been known to be rich in benefits among health workers. A study found that drinking coconut water can help in the processing of fat, which in the long term potentially leads to weight loss.

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